BBB Impulse BSG-52S Okulary rowerowe Small różowy (2018) BBBOGSRKS

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Przepraszamy, ale opis produktu w języku polskim jest w tej chwili niedostępny. Pracujemy nad tym.

In very changeable weather conditions you need sports glasses with interchangeable lenses. The glasses are held by the equally stable and light Grilamid frame. With the interchangeable lenses you can adapt the glasses to your driving style like a chameleon and your eyes will love the view! The BSG-52S with its soft-touch temple end offers a perfect and comfortable fit for narrow faces.

Face Comfort
Flexible temple ends and an adjustable nose rubber provide a perfect fit.

The frames of the BBB sports glasses are made of TR90 Grilamid, a light and flexible material that also lasts for a long time and is very comfortable to wear. Grilamid has some very positive properties, e.g. high heat resistance, flexibility and tear and fracture strength. This makes Grilamid the perfect material for spectacle frames. They can bend their glasses when changing lenses without worrying about it.

A 9x coating gives the MLC lenses the maximum brightness and contrast for the sharpest vision under all conditions. All MLC-equipped glasses are additionally supplied with yellow and clear interchangeable lenses to offer an optimal adjustment for all light conditions.

The basic glasses in standard quality have the same properties as the BBB PC glasses. The softly tinted colours offer a rather discreet style. All glasses with PC lenses are additionally supplied with yellow and clear interchangeable lenses to provide an optimal adjustment for all light conditions.

Adjustable, non-slip nose rubber, holds the glasses in position without pressure points.

Sports glasses with interchangeable lenses - yellow and clear lenses and a spectacle case are included.


Dodatkowe informacje
Grilamid frame for narrow faces with adjustable nose rubber
Konstrukcja okularów
Rama: Grilamid
Obszar nosa: Silikonowe noski
Konstrukcja zmienna: tak
Szkła do okularów
Poziom ochrony: 1-3: przepuszczalność światła 8 - 80%
100 % Ochrona UV: tak
z automatycznym odcieniem: tak
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